Our team

Pastor: Rev. Denise Allen-Macartney was ordained at Gloucester Church in September, 2009 and continues to develop her role in the church and the community.
A long-time student of the Bible with a strong background in Faith leadership, she enjoys helping people connect with God and engage in His work. “Whether we direct
a business, drive a taxi, practice medicine, work for the government or raise a family, God invites us to partner faithfully with him,” says Pastor Denise.

Leader – Youth and Family Outreach Program: Prince Owusu

Elders: Rebecca Ngwenyi Asana, Joan Born Flett,
Pearl Parke, Geoff Matthews, Jason MacEwen, Jenny Akwenseh Mbamulu,
Edwin Nkengla &  Olive O’May, Clerk of Session

Pianist: Sabrina Tang is a collaborative pianist and music teacher in the Ottawa
area. She received her Diploma in Piano Performance from the Trinity
College of London in 2007, and has been collaborating with choirs,
ensembles, and soloists for over fifteen years. Sabrina teaches piano and
music theory at the Ottawa and Kanata Music Academy. Her students are
regular and successful participants of the Kiwanis Music Festival and RCM
Examinations. She is currently the musical director at Gloucester
Presbyterian Church.

Church secretary: Christine Hywarren