What’s on?

UPDATE: April 2022

Masks are no longer required indoors.
You are welcome to wear masks at any time, as you choose.

Anyone coming to the church is reminded to do a
personal symptom screening before arriving.

Still more comfortable watching online?
Live-streaming of worship on Facebook continues, but don’t miss out on fellowship!

Please join us after worship at about 11:30 EST for our virtual fellowship time, to chat together in small groups, as we would in the hall after church before the pandemic.
Watch the following video to learn how to log in: https://www.facebook.com/gloucesterchurch/videos/961618154665278/
OR, follow these steps. Become an ongoing member of the Gloucester Virtual Fellowship Community.
1) Go to http://discord.com/register
2) Create an account (An account is essential to maintain the safety of the Discord community.) Check out http://discord.com/safetyfor more information.
3) Click the + on the left to add a server
4) Select Join Server
5) Copy and Paste https://discord.gg/VdYArt4 and click join server
6) Scroll down to find a voice channel. Normally, the first group meets in Chapel1.
Try to stay in groups of less than 4 to have the most meaningful conversations.In future weeks, just visit discord.com. You will already be logged in and you can click the picture of the church to be there. 

New—Bible Conversation for Everyone
The Power of Knowing God, by Tony Evans.

Join Jason & Denise
alternate Thursdays at 7pm, on Zoom.
Next conversations, Thursday, May 5 & 19.

God wants us to be more than His acquaintance, His student, or His fan. He invites us into soul-deep closeness with our Saviour, to find our identity and purpose in belonging to him.

Everyone’s welcome!

Neighbourhood Prayer Walk
6:30-8pm, Tuesday, May 10

What’s a prayer walk?
Step 1: Gather at the Church for a snack & directions

Step 2: With 2-3 others, walk a short route in the neighbourhood
(or drive with a friend, or pray at the church)

Step 3: Talk with God about what you see.
Pray about kids, families, businesses, individuals. Pray for safety, life issues, anything.
Don’t like praying out loud? God hears when you pray silently.

Step 4: Return to the church for more snacks and debriefing.
“Keep in step with the Holy Spirit” (Galatians 5:25).
Walk, pray, keep your eyes peeled. Watch God work!

Church activities may be in-person or Zoom video/telephone, or a combination of both options.

 If you’d like to join, please call or email the church office to get connected.
Office phone: 613-737-3820                      Office email: officegpchurch@gmail.com