What’s on?

Live-streaming of worship on Facebook continues.

All other activities or gatherings are by Zoom video-link or telephone.

 If you’d like to join any of the events posted below, you will need to contact either the event host directly, or call or email the church office to receive an emailed invitation to the meeting.

Office phone: 613-737-3820                      Office email: officegpchurch@gmail.com

2021 New Year’s Challenge—there’s still time to join!

Read the Bible books of Genesis, Malachi, Mark, & Ephesians

Nail your New Year’s resolution with a soul workout! Read all 4 books in January. Then, let us know that you’re done and see your name on the banner when we celebrate February 7.

Need a Bible? Current translations & apps are available online. Consult an Elder or call the office. Ready…Set…Read!

City on our Knees – praying for our City, 8pm January 20

According to fourth-century theologian, Augustine of Hippo, we live in two intermingled worlds: the City of Humans – bitter and finite; and the City of God – kind and eternal. Next week, City on our Knees invites us all to pray for Ottawa. Do you have concerns at the level of your building, street, neighbourhood or greater community? Join Claudine, Denise, & friends online to pray.

Bible Conversation for Everyone, 7pm this Thursday

Get more from your New Year’s Challenge, as we explore Wrestling with God in Genesis 32:22-32. Follow Jacob’s scheming, and God’s persistent blessing.

Missing your Church Family? Stop in for Virtual Fellowship, right after worship.

To participate, create an account at http://www.discord.com. Then join the community using this link (just once): https://discord.gg/VdYArt4.  Each Sunday after worship, you can just open the application and connect with friends & family. See you soon!

Please refer to the COVID-19 Response page for any other information.