What is a Christian?

The simplest way to define a Christian is as a follower of Jesus. That means, someone who tries to learn from Jesus Christ what he has to teach about God, about life and how to live it, and about death and how to deal with it.

In a sense, a Christian is a student of Jesus the Teacher, and church is the school of Jesus.

Jesus demonstrated the Kingdom himself, the way he lived, but also by his brutal execution for our sins and by his miraculous coming back to life three days later. And he taught others how to walk that same road.

Church is where followers of Jesus get together. We gather to learn more about how to follow Jesus, to pray together, and to encourage one another in faith.

If this sounds intriguing, come check us out on Sunday. See what church is like. How do we experience Christian faith? How do we handle the difficulties? What are the joys? How do we keep going? How do we experience the love of God? Listen in on our praying, our singing and our teaching.

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, we look forward to meeting you one of these Sundays.